The RACI National Congress acknowledges the challenges facing the world’s environment and food supply. As such, we are aiming to host a sustainable meeting in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are taking on a number of initiatives to decrease the impact of our meeting, and we encourage all delegates to join us in these activities and to think about the impact of their participation.

Sustainable Travel
The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre is located centrally at Southbank in Brisbane. For anyone staying in Brisbane, there are many accommodation venues within walking distance of the conference venue. July is a beautiful and sunny time of year and is perfect for a short walk to the site.

For locals or those who are staying further away, Southbank is central and well connected by cycleways and public transport. Ferries, buses, and trains all have major hubs very close to the conference centre, and you can find more information on public transport here.

Brisbane is home to an extensive network of bikeways and shared pathways. Did you know that one-third of people in Brisbane live within 300 metres of at least one bikeway, and almost two thirds live within a kilometre?

Brisbane also has a fleet of electric scooters and bicycles that can help you get to the conference. There are even deals for multiday or weekly passes, that will give you a great saving for the duration of the conference.
• Neuron: 
• Beam:
To promote sustainable travel, we will be being hosting the inaugural Peericylic Breakfast Ride. There will be more details and invitations sent out in the lead up to the conference, so keep an eye out.

Reducing waste, food waste and energy
The RACI National Congress is aiming to reduce waste, by considering what we provide to all our delegates. To reduce waste, we will not be providing delegate bags or printed booklets. We will deliver information to all delegates through our website and conference app. We will also be encouraging all exhibitors to consider the impact of their displays and reducing waste.
We are partnering with BCEC to find ways to reduce waste and increase energy efficiency, and you can read about their commitments below.

Green Spaces

Safe, inclusive and accessible, green and public spaces are a critical part of the liveability of our cities. Brisbane is committed to protect and create green spaces, and Southbank is a great example of this. We encourage all delegates to explore Southbank and to take some time during breaks or outside the conference to experience the wonderful spaces it has to offer. This could be a great chance to meet with a colleague outside the walls of the conference centre and catch some fresh air.

For many the heart of Brisbane is the river which it spans across. Take an opportunity to stroll down to the river and experience the natural ebb and flow, and activity on the water. Take a ride on the City Cat to see how Brisbane has uniquely grown up around its watery heart.

Our venue: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

The BCEC’s determination to be a sustainable business is absolutely fundamental to the daily operations of the centre.

  • BCEC is committed to work practices with sustainable values and environmental and community focused outcomes meeting the requirements of the EarthCheck Company Standard.
  • BCEC has appointed an EarthCheck Coordinator.
  • The CRT is committed to sustainability by identifying related risks and implementing actions and preventative measures to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Consideration is given to employing and empowering local employees, recognising and practicing Fair Trade.
  • Wherever possible, environmentally sustainable products and services will be sourced locally.
  • We encourage staff to present BCEC’s commitment to Corporate Responsibility and our EarthCheck Gold Standard certification to our clients, guests, suppliers and stakeholders.
  • Sustainability is a mandatory requirement within the BCEC’s orientation program for all staff; this extends to individual department inductions and forms part of the yearly compliance training.
  • Sustainability forms part of BCEC’s contractor induction program.

Sustainable Menus

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) champions local, sustainable and ethical produce and has an enviable reputation for culinary excellence and innovation.

As an official #eatqld partner, at BCEC we are passionate about the promotion of local and sustainable produce. Executive Chef David Pugh and his team work closely with local farmers and producers in their search for Queensland’s finest produce.

BCEC sources 80% of produce from Queensland:

  • Chicken from Queensland’s Scenic Rim
  • Beef from the Darling Downs, Kilcoy and Dalby
  • Fruit and vegetables from Queensland’s Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley, Stanthorpe and the Wide Bay Burnett region
  • Ethically caught seafood from the Sunshine Coast and Far North Queensland

The Centre manages food wastage by working with clients in selecting suitable menus, obtaining accurate attendee numbers, and determining dietary requirements along with menu engineering to offer a greater choice of vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free and vegan options.

Any remaining organic matter is processed by an organic waste dehydrator which reduces 54,000kg of food waste annually, turning 200kg of organic waste into 20kg of SoilFood™, a nutrient rich soil enhancer that is used in local parklands.

Since joining the global EarthCheck program, BCEC has consistently performed as a leader in several key areas of social and environmental actions. From sustainable construction to energy and water conservation, responsible procurement, food distribution and participation in community initiatives, the sustainability message is reinforced and integrated through all aspects of the BCEC’s business and culture.

BCEC Green Initiatives 

The Centre’s escalators are sensor driven resulting in a 30% reduction in escalator energy usage

The Centre is an official QLD FluoroCycle Signatory. FluoroCycle is part of the National Waste Policy which seeks to increase the national recycling rate of waste mercury-containing lamps.

Recycled water is used to clean the facility’s roof, approx. 37,500m2. The process of blocking storm water drains and redirecting water to collection containers recycles 170,000L for reuse and preventing pollution from entering the storm water system.

309.42 kilowatt solar system on our Grey street building, generating 40% of our Grey street building’s power and 18 per cent of the entire Centre’s power requirements.

Energy saving LED lighting system for the Centre’s Exhibition Halls, Concourse and Car Park equipped with bluetooth smart lighting control facilitating daylight harvesting.

More information on BCEC’s water, energy and waste reduction strategies can be found here: