About the artwork ‘The First Scientists’

Artist Steven Bekue created this brilliant artwork, commissioned by RACI.  The artwork will be available for viewing in the RACI exhibition stands (Stands 13-16 in the exhibition hall).

Below, Steven describes his artwork:

The artwork represents how the Aboriginal people are considered as the first scientists by many. Our Ancestors and people have amazing scientific knowledge that have developed over thousands of years. We learned how to care, survive and travel on the country around them by using various forms of science such as physics to create hunting tools and fire, Astronomy to develop cultural calendars, understanding tides and navigating the land. Biology by caring for the environment to maximise productivity of plants and animals. Chemistry to form and utilise new substances to use for bush medicines, glues, paints and food sources. We have survived by using these practices and will continue to utilise these for all generations.

Artist: Steven Bekue, Bundjalung, Yuggera and a Bidjara man.