Symposium information

Symposium Co-Chairs: Chuan Zhao, Damien Arrigan, Debbie Silvester-Dean

Abstracts from all areas of Electrochemistry are welcomed

Symposium Chairs: James Chapman and Vi Khanh Truong

Abstracts from all areas of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry are welcomed

Symposium Co-Chairs: Nisa Salim, Yuan Chen

Abstracts from all areas of Carbon Chemistry are welcomed

Symposium Co-Chairs: Erica Smith, Reyne Pullen and Gwen Lawrie

Abstracts from all areas of Chemical Education are welcomed

Symposium Co-Chairs: Tak Kee, Paul Low, Yun Liu, Chuan Zhao, Anthony O’Mullane

Abstracts from all areas of chemistry related to Future/Green Energy are welcomed

Symposium Chair: Brian Krieger

The Health, Safety and Environment Division’s main focus area and theme for the symposium this is year is the identification and discussion of the top five regional/global challenges forward to 2030 for HSSE. Each presentation should consider how their work fits into the regional/ global challenge and include that in their presentation.
Themes can be anything involving all aspects of work that challenges us in HSE in the industry, academic, consultancy sectors. During the symposium the committee with summarize and collect information for distribution to the wider RACI community in the form of an HSE roadmap.
Suggested topics can include but not limited to:

  • The future of risk assessments and risk processes
  • HSE and Education
  • The role of HSE in sustainability
  • Standards and their role in 2030
  • Competency of chemical HSE advisers
  • The future of occupational health and hygiene in emerging chemical technology
  • The future of design for safety in chemical laboratories
  • The role of artificial intelligence in heavy chemical industry safety
  • Controlling chemical fires for bespoke technologies
  • The chemistry of bushfires and health impacts on society
  • The future of data in HSE
  • Chemical and DG management from introduction into Australia and disposal

Papers sought in the form of research papers or case studies from

  • Chemists
  • Environmental Chemical Management professionals
  • Government officials
  • Hazardous Chemicals Specialists / Chemical Engineers
  • HSE / OHS / WHS professionals / practitioners
  • Food Scientists
  • Oil and Gas professionals
  • Professionals from other industries e.g., Mining, Power, Water
  • Regulators / Inspectorates
  • Scientists and Researchers
  • Transport / Storage / Manufacturing / Formulating Industry specialists
  • Universities
  • Veterinary / Therapeutic chemical specialists
  • Waste Management professionals

The HSE Division will follow the ideas throughout 2022-2030 in the roadmap and see how those ideas develop and progress. Prizes will be awarded to those who are identified as encapsulating the top five idea(s) in their paper.

Symposium Co-Chairs: Gary Bowman, Yvonne Mah and Robert Ryan

Abstracts from all areas of Industrial Chemistry are welcomed

Symposium Co-Chairs: Louis Rendina and Evan Moore

Abstracts from all areas of Inorganic Chemistry are welcomed

Symposium Co-Chairs: Yun Liu and Siegbert Schmid

This symposium is dedicated to provide a platform for dialogue between students, researchers, technical support staff and industrial partners who work in the field that is associated with materials chemistry. It will cover the synthesis, structure and property characterization as well as applications of materials including non-molecular solids, polymers and molecular compounds, with a special focus on the relationship between synthesis, structure, property and function of materials.  Specific topics involve but are not limited to electronic and magnetic materials, multifunctional materials, engineering materials, energy materials, environmental and sustainable materials, bio and medical materials, materials informatics, quantum materials and nanomaterials.

Symposium Co-Chairs: Sally-Ann Poulsen and Danielle Skropeta

Abstracts from all areas of Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology are welcomed

Symposium Co-Chairs: Paul Low and Jeff Reimers

The molecular electronics theme welcomes abstracts from all aspects of the field and will integrate presentations describing the theoretical and experimental aspects that underpin the foundations of charge transport through molecules, to molecular design and synthesis, and studies of the electronic properties of molecular junctions. Presentations that draw connections between traditional discipline areas, including those addressing the historical development of the field, are particularly welcome, as are presentations by ECRs and students.

Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Synthesis strategies for including molecules in junctions
  • Measurements of vibrational, electronic, conductance, etc., properties of molecules in junctions
  • Single-molecule applications and self-assembled monolayer applications
  • STM and break-junction scenarios, including metal, semiconductor, nanoparticle, and liquid contacts
  • Use of molecular junctions in devices
  • Computational modelling of junction properties
  • Theory development concerning through-molecule electrical conductivity
  • Analogous work concerning intramolecular or intermolecular electron transport, including both chemical and biochemical applications
  • Analogous work concerning STM or conducting AFM characterisation of molecular films and theory
  • Nanofabrication strategies for integrating molecular and conventional electronics
  • Historical overview of Molecular Electronics research in Australia

The symposium will conclude with a general discussion of the future of Molecular Electronics in Australia, including horizon scanning and direction setting, identifying opportunities for collaboration with academia and industry partners, and funding.

Symposium Co-Chairs: David Lupton and Alex Bissember

Abstracts from all areas of Organic Chemistry are welcomed

Symposium Co-Chairs: Erica Smith and Laura McKemmish

Abstracts from all areas of Physical and Computational Chemistry Education are welcomed

Symposium Co-Chairs: Tak Kee, Laura McKemmish and David Wilson

Abstracts from all areas of Physical Chemistry are welcomed

Symposium Co-Chairs: Swaminather Iyer, Georgina Such and Kristofer Thurecht

Radioanalytical and environmental radiochemistry Co-Chairs: Peter Medley, Leisel Green, Tim Payne, Madison Hoffman and Fiona Charalambous;
Radiopharmaceuticals and radiochemistry applied to health care Co-Chairs: Melissa Latter, Ben Fraser and Nigel Lengkeek

Abstracts from all areas of Radiochemistry are welcomed

Symposium Co-Chairs: Kate Jolliffe and Jack Clegg

Abstracts from all areas of Supramolecular chemistry are welcomed

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